PATIENT ALERT:  Masks are now optional in our VOA offices. If you are immunocompromised or feeling ill, masking is strongly encouraged. Thank you. CLICK HERE for more details​​​​​​.

Treatment Tips

Helpful hints

We would like to take this opportunity to share some helpful hints and information regarding the treatment room at VOA:

  • Treatment times start at 8:30am. and are completed by 5:00pm. We request you keep your assigned time. If there are unplanned changes to your schedule, please contact us so we know those spaces are available for others.
  • Space is currently at a commodity, so we appreciate limiting visitors to one per patient.
  • No children under the age of 16 are allowed in the VOA clinics at this time. This is for their safety and to limit the patient’s exposure when their immune systems are more susceptible.
  • There is coffee/water and crackers available. If other food is preferred you may bring your own. We also have volunteers from the Cancer Care Foundation of Tidewater that provide snacks during lunch hour. There is also a soda and snack machine in the waiting room.
  • The sense of smell is unique to each patient on treatment. Please avoid bringing in foods with strong odors (i.e. fried foods, onions, and tuna) or wearing colognes as they can trigger episodes of nausea.
  • The room temperature, as well as individual body temperatures varies. You may want to dress in layers to accommodate for those variances. Blankets are available.
  • Please feel free to call nursing staff by their first names. We frequently call patients by their first names so if this is not preferred please let us know your preference.
  • We will try to maintain your privacy and modesty so if you have a port or central line please wear button down attire and let us know if a private area is needed for access.
  • Conversation is generally lively and for most all to hear. We request conversations with those patients around you pertaining to their health stay within the walls of the treatment room. We are bound by our respect for the patients and the ethics of our practice not to share information regarding other patients. We appreciate your concern for them but please do not ask us to give you information regarding them in return.
  • Personal electronic devices with headsets are permitted. Wireless internet service is also available. Electrical outlets are extremely limited so battery operated devices are preferred. Please be certain to remember them when you leave!
  • Magazines of various types are available for your reading pleasure.

It is our desire that each patient’s time with us be comfortable! If any situation arises that makes you uncomfortable, please do not hesitate to let the nurses or the nursing supervisor know at (757) 466-8683. Thanks for your participation in making the treatment room a comfortable and secure place.