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Cancer Survivorship

How to Help Others as A Cancer Survivor

Think back for a moment about the hours and days after you were diagnosed with cancer. You probably felt a range of emotions including shock, disbelief, and fear. Even though you may have been surrounded by caring friends and loved ones anxious to help you in any possible way, you may have felt alone. Even though they had good intentions, it was probably difficult for friends and loved ones to understand how you were feeling unless they’ve experienced a cancer diagnosis themselves. As a cancer survivor, you are uniquely qualified to help cancer patients.

Volunteering: A Gift to Others And to Yourself

Even the most independent people need help getting through cancer treatment. Each time you were able to rely on someone else and received support during your own cancer journey, you received a selfless gift. Now that your cancer battle is over, you can pay their kindness forward by helping others!

One of the most amazing things about helping others is that it’s a win-win. Volunteers benefit just as much as recipients. When you were being treated for cancer, you may have stopped working. You may have relied on babysitters, housekeepers, friends, and family members to take over things you used to be responsible for but couldn’t keep up with. As a result, you may have begun to doubt your self-worth and question your abilities. Helping others will help you regain your confidence and understand that you have much to offer!

There are Many Ways for Cancer Survivors to Help Cancer Patients

Whether you are a “people person” or you prefer to help out behind the scenes, you’re sure to discover volunteer or giving opportunities you find appealing. You can:

  • Help out one-on-one providing aid to patients and their families.
  • Volunteer your time and talents at one of the many nonprofit organizations that exist to raise money for cancer research or patient care.
  • Attend a support group to help patients.
  • Participate in some of the online Facebook groups on support programs for those who aren’t able to get out.

If you’re willing to donate some of your time to help others, you are definitely needed! Start your research by reading through this section about helping others and visiting the American Cancer Society website.