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Radiation Therapy

Radiation Therapy

The goal of radiation therapy is to get a high enough dose of radiation into the body to kill the cancer cells while sparing the surrounding healthy tissue from damage. Several different radiation therapy techniques have been developed to accomplish this. Depending on the location, size, and type of your tumor or tumors, you may receive one or a combination of these techniques. Your cancer treatment team will work with you to determine which treatment and how much radiation is best for you.

During external beam radiation therapy, a beam of radiation is directed through the skin to a tumor and the immediate surrounding area in order to destroy the main tumor and any nearby cancer cells. To minimize side effects, the treatments are typically given every day for a number of weeks.

The radiation beam comes from a machine located outside of your body that does not touch your skin or the tumor. Receiving external beam radiation is similar to having an X-ray taken. It is a painless, bloodless procedure. The most common type of machine used to deliver external beam radiation therapy is called a linear accelerator, sometimes called a “linac.” It produces a beam of high-energy X-rays or electrons. Using sophisticated treatment planning software, your radiation oncology treatment team plans the size and shape of the beam, as well as how it is directed at your body, to effectively treat your tumor while sparing the normal tissue surrounding the cancer cells.

What to Expect at a Virginia Oncology Associates Radiation Therapy Appointment

Join Dr. Michael Miller, one of our radiation oncologists, on a short tour of what you can expect when you come to receive radiation therapy at one of our VOA locations

Types of External Beam Radiation Therapy

Several special types of external beam therapy are discussed below. These are used for particular types of cancer, and your radiation oncologist will recommend one of these treatments if he or she believes it will help you.

The Latest Radiation Therapy Options for Cancer Treatment Available at VOA

Virginia Oncology Associates offers radiation therapy in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia and Northeast North Carolina, including Virginia BeachObiciHampton, and Norfolk locations, so that it’s convenient for local residents to receive this type of cancer treatment. If you have additional radiation therapy questions, read our frequently asked questions and answers about this treatment type to learn more. If you are receiving radiation therapy at a VOA cancer center, please be sure to talk to your team before, during, or after treatments begin. We are always available to make sure you understand your cancer treatment plan.