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VOA Summer Conference 2024
This annual conference will take place on Saturday, 8/24/2024, at the Hampton Convention Center in Hampton, VA. 

7:00 AM    Registration & Breakfast
8:00 AM    Welcome and Introduction - David Z. Chang, MD, PhD, FACP
8:05 AM    Introduction to Cancer Immunotherapy - David Z. Chang, MD, PhD, FACP
8:25 AM    Predictive Biomarkers for Immunotherapy - Lei Zheng, MD, PhD
8:45 AM    Cellular Immunotherapies to Treat Hematology and Oncology Disorders
Gary L. Simmons, DO, MSHA
9:05 AM   Immunotherapy for Melanoma - Alexander Shoushtari, MD
9:25 AM    Immunotherapy for Lung Cancer - David Carbone, MD
9:45 AM    Break & Exhibit Visits
10:15 AM   Immunotherapy for GI Tract (Esophageal, Gastric, Colorectal) Cancers - Weijing Sun, MD
10:35 AM    Immunotherapy for Hepatobiliary Pancreatic (Pancreas, Biliary, Liver) Cancers - Mark Yarchoan, MD
10:55 AM   Immunotherapy for Breast Cancer - Michael Danso, MD
11:15 AM    Immunotherapy for GYN Cancers - Fengting Yan, MD, PhD
11:35 AM   Immunotherapy for Lymphoma - Michael Wang, MD, FACP
11:55 AM    Exhibitor Time & Lunch
1:00 PM    Immunotherapy for GU Cancers - Chongxian Pan, MD, PhD
1:20 PM    Immunotherapy: How to Monitor and Manage Side Effects? - Ryan J. Sullivan, MD
1:40 PM    Immuno-Cardio Oncology: Cardiac Imaging Techniques for the Assessment of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor-Induced Cardiotoxicity - Cynthia C. Taub, MD, MBA
2:00 PM    Case Discussions: Management of Neuromuscular Complications Associated with Cancer Immunotherapy
Presenter & Moderator: Tina Tianhong Li, MD, PhD
Panelists: Chaoyang Gary Li, MD, PhD, Peter Jiang, MD, PhD Hongtao Liu, MD, PhD, Gary Lu, MD, PhD, Min Sun, MD, PhD, Wanwen Sun, MD, PhD
3:00 PM    Adjourn & Closing Remarks - David Z. Chang, MD, PhD, FACP

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VOA Nursing Conference 2024
This annual conference will take place on Saturday, 9/28/2024, at The Main Hilton Hotel in downtown Norfolk, VA. 

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