PATIENT ALERT: Masks are now optional in our VOA offices. If you are immunocompromised or feeling ill, masking is strongly encouraged. CLICK HERE for more details​​​​​​.
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About Us

Statement on Inclusion & Diversity

Virginia Oncology Associates embraces and promotes a culture of respectful inclusion and regard for diversity.  As a practice, we aim to demonstrate core values of respect, acceptance, and service through fair and equitable treatment of our valued employees and the people we proudly serve.  We intend for Virginia Oncology Associates, at all times, to be a safe and welcoming environment.

Our intention is intersectional, and through this approach, we support improvement within our staff and the broader community.  We promote awareness of,  and appreciation of differences among us including race, sex, gender identity, ethnicity, national origin, documentation status, culture, sexual orientation, religion and abilities.  As a practice, we support and advocate social justice for all.

We recognize that injustices are disproportionate and vary among different varieties of human beings in our community.  Undesirable health and health care disparities exist among them.  Virginia Oncology Associates is a proud community leader committed to providing all groups of people state-of-the-art medical care with respect, dignity, and equitable treatment for all.  We look forward to working with our healthcare partners and community leaders in promoting a society that recognizes previous inequities, promotes positive change, and advocates social justice for all.